26 Nov 2008

Miguel's Food for Thought

While reading user comments on an article in The New York Times (Technology section) titled More on the ‘Is Google Evil?’ Debate, I stumbled upon the following post. It is written by a guy called Miguel, who claims to be an ex-employee of the company. It was the best (in my humble opinion) post out of 50...

As a former Google employee I believe that Google has the best interests of its users in mind. The “Don’t be evil” dictum is hackneyed by now and inherently leaves a lot to interpretation, as people will naturally define “evil” differently.

Google does care intensely about user privacy, and they seek to protect user information at every step of the product development cycle. The piece above does not cite, in my opinion, any compelling arguments that suggest otherwise. As for capitulating to the great firewall of China, I believe that some search results – and by some we’re talking about the *vast* majority of Google’s index – are better than none at all. Chinese users still reap massive benefits by having access to Google.

“Flooding your eyeballs” with ads is not Google’s main preoccupation. But advertising is the means by which they support their application development and ambitious goal of organizing the world’s information – just as it is for the majority of online publishers, portals, and social networks.

Paid subscription models for accessing news sites, for example, disappeared as content providers realized the value in offering their content for free and supporting it financially through advertising.

What Google excels at is making sure the advertising we are exposed to is relevant, useful, and valuable, ultimately improving user experience. (If I have to see ads, at least let them be of interest to me.) On the advertisers’ side, they reap the benefits of being able to see exactly what they’re getting out of their advertising budgets – something previously not possible until cost-per-click models like Google’s.

The result is that everyone benefits: content providers (from the hobby blogger to the New York Times), users (searching for everything from dentists to dining room tables), and advertisers (from small online retailers to Fortune 500 corporations).

Finally, the examples of corporate greed and exuberance outlined at the debate referenced in this article come off as petty jealousy. It was a wonderful thing not having to think about how I’d feed myself for four years. Indeed it’s what I miss the most. These seemingly extravagant benefits originated from a couple of gifted geeks who thought it would be cool to provide the people working hard for them with amazing benefits – nothing more. You’re not chained to your desk at Google. They’re lax about when you come and go because they hire people who are inherently self-motivated and there is a tremendous amount of trust afforded to employees.

Google’s ultimate focus is to create killer apps, as they’re called in industry speak, i.e., incredibly powerful and useful web driven applications that provide tremendous value to users. They just happened to stumble across arguably the most successful business model in a century. And now it seems they’re paying the price with ignorant, hasty, and envious judgments from the very users who can’t imagine a world without Google search.

— Miguel

25 Nov 2008

If you can't beat them... WISH

Henry Blodget is a sad, sad man...

From time to time I have tried to show you how much he hates Google. His posts are always dripping with poison about this great company...

His motives are not very difficult to figure out: money... thats all, nothing cryptic there....

He has tried and tried and tried, but each time he posts about Google, the world just laughs at him...

At his latest post, Henry has now resorted to... wishing Googles founders as well as Eric Schmidt, would just... get bored and leave Google!

..having grown Google to $20 billion in revenue over seven years, Eric has certainly earned the right to take a break. We would also note that there are many other reasons why this might be a good time to exit stage left..(AND GIVE YOUR BELOVED YAHOO & M$ A BREATHER??)

  • He might be deciding that taking Google from $20 billion to $50 billion will be a much different job (and less fun) than taking it from $0 to $20 billion. (YEAH, WORKING IN WASHINGTON SOUND LIKE A TON OF FUN...)
  • He might be observing that the search product cycle is ending and Google has not yet found another product to drive the next wave of growth, which also might be less fun (especially if the company has to start firing people)... (THE GOOGLE SEARCH PRODUCT CYCLE IS JUST BEGINING, IT'S NOT EVEN A DECADE OLD.. AS FOR THE REST... YOU SAID IT YOURSELF...)
  • Like Sergey and Larry, he might just be interested in doing something else--such as going into politics or solving the world's energy crisis. (I COULD HAVE GUESSED THAT NOVEL IDEAS & BUSINESS SENSE WOULD BE TOO HARD FOR YOU TO GRASP, BUT... THAT HARD??)
Life at Google had apparently been so easy for so long that the folks at the top had stopped thinking about how to kill their competitors and started thinking about how to solve the world's energy problems. Anytime that happens, the good times are likely coming to an end. (YEAH, THEY STOPPED THINKING... THAT'S WHY THEIR SEARCH SHARE JUST KEEPS ON GROWING EVERY MONTH...)
All of which is to say: We would not be surprised to see Eric (or, for that matter, Larry or Sergey) step down from an operating role at Google next year to pursue other interests...

Eric Schmidt already gave HIS answer:

Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Friday he would not serve as technology czar in Barack Obama's administration if he was asked.

"I love working at Google and I'm very happy to stay at Google, so the answer is no," Schmidt said in response to a question from CNBC host Jim Cramer in an appearance on his television show.


21 Nov 2008

A step closer to 80%

Dan Frommer, while commenting on Google's SearchWiki initiative today, wrote:
"Google (GOOG) is adding a feature to its search engine that could help it push closer to 80% market share: The ability to customize your search results"

I now KNOW FOR A FACT that Google has a much much easier job to do to achieve Dan's 80% target:

Henry Blodget, the disgrased stock analyst - banned from the securities industry - has proposed Yahoo's new CEO...

    • Yahoo will buy our parent company, Silicon Alley Media, for, say, $100 million in stock. We already own some YHOO, and we're willing to put more money where our mouth is: Specifically, we're willing to bet our entire company on our YHOO turnaround plan.

    • Yahoo will appoint us as acting CEO....

20 Nov 2008

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite

Clint Boulton, of Google Watch, wrote a post today, titled "Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome Represent Two-pronged Attack Vs. Microsoft"..

Now, I like Clints' blog, and I do admit that I read all his posts. He knows his google-stuff way better than s
ome other pageview-hunting anti-google crusaders...

(...not that everything Clint writes passes through my anti
-google-baloney detector of course...)

In his post today, Clint analyses how the browser-wars have developed lately, with Chrome's recent entry into the market as well as Firefox's 20% gain & I.E.'s declining market share...

I agree in general with most parts of his analysis, however..

..because it would alienate a lot of hardcore open source lovers who despise Google the way they despised Microsoft when it was a bigger threat. Where the Web is concerned, Google is now the bigger threat..."

..if you truly believe that Google is no
w "the Web's biggest threat"... then my dear friend Clint... I suspect you got bigger problems at hand...

10 Nov 2008

I See Dumb People

After his sad excuse of a boss ridiculed himself some 20 days ago...
After one of his colleagues raised his clenched fist high in the air and screamed "viva la revolution" just a couple of days ago...
After Googles Q3 results PROVED that WELL-TARGETED online marketing generates REVENUES for smart companies, especially when times get tough...

NICHOLAS THE CRUSADER STILL DOESN'T GET IT... He now quotes a Barclays analyst (wow! an analyst!!) who is running the same old story once more:

Google's fourth quarter revenues won't grow any over the third, says Barclays analyst Douglas Anmuth. His reasoning: Like everywhere else, people are spending less online, so advertisers won't want to spend as much as usual to bring shoppers to their site via Google's search ads.


a) People have less money = people choose more carefully WHERE they spend that money...
b) Choosing more carefully = doing research...
c) Doing research = searching ONLINE...
d) (do I really need to spell it out for you??)

A monkey should've understood it by now Nicholas.... A rather dumb monkey one would agree..

9 Nov 2008

Clowns write what they're told

For the past couple of months I have come across some full-blown anti-google-baloney, targeted at Eric Schmidt, Googles CEO. Owen Thomas and Paul Boutin, of Valleywag, have been obsessed that Schmidt wanted and would be Americas new Chief Technology Officer under the new Obama administration.

Here are some examples of all this crap:

America's CTO does infomercial for Obama
America's CTO bows to the feds on Yahoo-Google deal

America's CTO gets a fighter jet
Google CEO auditions for America's CTO
America's CTO prepares for Google's layoffs

And then two days ago comes this development, by Reuters (Gabriel Madway): Google CEO on Obama tech czar job: No thanks

Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Friday he would not serve as technology czar in Barack Obama's administration if he was asked.

"I love working at Google and I'm very happy to stay at Google, so the answer is no," Schmidt said in response to a question from CNBC host Jim Cramer in an appearance on his television show.

The ONLY reason clowns like Owen & Paul are obsessed with Google and everything around it, is... PAGEVIEWS! Without these "articles", these self-appointed "journalists" and their likes, would probably be... well, zeros!!

They live on gossip, NOT NEWS...

7 Nov 2008

Viva la Revolution

Dan Frommer just unleashed the hounds of hell upon himself..

He wrote this superb analysis titled: Steve Ballmer Pretends Not To Understand Google Android Pricing Strategy...

Dan writes:
  • Google is an advertising company with a massive search market share.
  • Google wants to help create a big market in mobile advertising someday.
  • For that to happen, more people need to use the mobile Web.
  • For that to happen, people need to be able to buy better cellphones with better Web browsers.
  • Mobile phone makers and operators want to maximize their margins, while offering the best phones they can.
  • Consumers want to buy the best phones they can for the money.
  • With Android, Google could get more consumers using the mobile Web faster than Microsoft is with Windows Mobile.

Whats wrong with all the above you ask??

Well, Henry Blodget, his all-I-care-about-is-my-money boss (charged with securities fraud by the SEC and ... banned from the securities industry), would rather jump of a cliff than see ANYTHING positive written on his blog about Google...

One would naturaly assume that:

a) Dan has gone mad...
b) His boss has gone mad...
c) Dan won the lottery and is trying to get Henry to fire him! (we don't wanna hurt Henry, do we now?)

Hang in there Dan... We love you buddy...

(for those of you who do agree with Dan, here's another on-the-spot analysis on Android and its potential, by Om Malik's GigaOM)