20 Nov 2008

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite

Clint Boulton, of Google Watch, wrote a post today, titled "Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome Represent Two-pronged Attack Vs. Microsoft"..

Now, I like Clints' blog, and I do admit that I read all his posts. He knows his google-stuff way better than s
ome other pageview-hunting anti-google crusaders...

(...not that everything Clint writes passes through my anti
-google-baloney detector of course...)

In his post today, Clint analyses how the browser-wars have developed lately, with Chrome's recent entry into the market as well as Firefox's 20% gain & I.E.'s declining market share...

I agree in general with most parts of his analysis, however..

..because it would alienate a lot of hardcore open source lovers who despise Google the way they despised Microsoft when it was a bigger threat. Where the Web is concerned, Google is now the bigger threat..."

..if you truly believe that Google is no
w "the Web's biggest threat"... then my dear friend Clint... I suspect you got bigger problems at hand...

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