9 Nov 2008

Clowns write what they're told

For the past couple of months I have come across some full-blown anti-google-baloney, targeted at Eric Schmidt, Googles CEO. Owen Thomas and Paul Boutin, of Valleywag, have been obsessed that Schmidt wanted and would be Americas new Chief Technology Officer under the new Obama administration.

Here are some examples of all this crap:

America's CTO does infomercial for Obama
America's CTO bows to the feds on Yahoo-Google deal

America's CTO gets a fighter jet
Google CEO auditions for America's CTO
America's CTO prepares for Google's layoffs

And then two days ago comes this development, by Reuters (Gabriel Madway): Google CEO on Obama tech czar job: No thanks

Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Friday he would not serve as technology czar in Barack Obama's administration if he was asked.

"I love working at Google and I'm very happy to stay at Google, so the answer is no," Schmidt said in response to a question from CNBC host Jim Cramer in an appearance on his television show.

The ONLY reason clowns like Owen & Paul are obsessed with Google and everything around it, is... PAGEVIEWS! Without these "articles", these self-appointed "journalists" and their likes, would probably be... well, zeros!!

They live on gossip, NOT NEWS...

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