21 Nov 2008

A step closer to 80%

Dan Frommer, while commenting on Google's SearchWiki initiative today, wrote:
"Google (GOOG) is adding a feature to its search engine that could help it push closer to 80% market share: The ability to customize your search results"

I now KNOW FOR A FACT that Google has a much much easier job to do to achieve Dan's 80% target:

Henry Blodget, the disgrased stock analyst - banned from the securities industry - has proposed Yahoo's new CEO...

    • Yahoo will buy our parent company, Silicon Alley Media, for, say, $100 million in stock. We already own some YHOO, and we're willing to put more money where our mouth is: Specifically, we're willing to bet our entire company on our YHOO turnaround plan.

    • Yahoo will appoint us as acting CEO....

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