24 Sep 2008

Wake up

What did I tell you?

When SAI rushed to publish their first thrashings of the G1, I told you that they had "Apple" written on one forehead, "AAPL" on the other...

Was I wrong? Paranoid??

Not even 20 hours have passed since their G1-sucks-iPhone-rules analysis, and here comes the follow-up post by Mr. Blodget, titled: Announcing Apple's 33%-Off Sale!!!!

I'll just quote a couple of lines:

"Well, wake up, people! If you really think that Apple's going to take over the world, this is the time to love the stock, not when it claws its way back toward $200 again.

Will Apple be affected by the global economic slowdown? Almost certainly. Is Apple's margin guidance for the coming year a concern? Absolutely. Could Apple's stock really fall out of bed if we go into another Great Depression--dropping to, say, $50 a share? Of course. But so could any stock. (These are stocks, not Treasury bonds--if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen)."

Wake up! They only care about their pocket...


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