7 Nov 2008

Viva la Revolution

Dan Frommer just unleashed the hounds of hell upon himself..

He wrote this superb analysis titled: Steve Ballmer Pretends Not To Understand Google Android Pricing Strategy...

Dan writes:
  • Google is an advertising company with a massive search market share.
  • Google wants to help create a big market in mobile advertising someday.
  • For that to happen, more people need to use the mobile Web.
  • For that to happen, people need to be able to buy better cellphones with better Web browsers.
  • Mobile phone makers and operators want to maximize their margins, while offering the best phones they can.
  • Consumers want to buy the best phones they can for the money.
  • With Android, Google could get more consumers using the mobile Web faster than Microsoft is with Windows Mobile.

Whats wrong with all the above you ask??

Well, Henry Blodget, his all-I-care-about-is-my-money boss (charged with securities fraud by the SEC and ... banned from the securities industry), would rather jump of a cliff than see ANYTHING positive written on his blog about Google...

One would naturaly assume that:

a) Dan has gone mad...
b) His boss has gone mad...
c) Dan won the lottery and is trying to get Henry to fire him! (we don't wanna hurt Henry, do we now?)

Hang in there Dan... We love you buddy...

(for those of you who do agree with Dan, here's another on-the-spot analysis on Android and its potential, by Om Malik's GigaOM)

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