19 Sep 2008

The - Talk like a pirate day - Truce

Its Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008, and everybody is in a good mood it seems! Seriously, I went through all the usual Valleywag, Googling Google, etc etc and... nothing!!

Well, Valleywag does have a end-of-the-world-for-cheap-advertising-blame-it-on-google-of-course theory, which is all based on what "an anonymous Valleyway tipster" told its author...

But... its just not cruel enough.. at least based on the Nicholas-The-Crusader standards of cruelness that we are accustomed to!

So, instead, I decided to link to a really really cool vid I found on Google Blogoscoped.

Its title is "A Photo a Day for 17 Years"

Enjoy :-)

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