17 Sep 2008

Chrome Beep Beeps

Michael Arrington, at TechCrunch, is checking his Google Analytics stats to see how Chrome is doing, almost 2 weeks after its launch.

It seems that Chrome is... kicking some early butt!

"A couple of days after launching on September 2, 6.23% of visitors to TechCrunch were using Chrome. Today usage is up to 8.12% over the period since launch. (It may soon overtake Safari, which is at 8.84%)."

What about us then? What about the-anti-google-baloney? Well, here is the picture today, and I do apologize for the bad quality...

21.65% of our traffic comes from Chrome browsers!!! Surely this is a blog ABOUT Google, so its only natural that its viewers would be early adopters of any new product from the company, but... still!! 21.65% is a pretty large number for a new born browser!

Give it a full year... and by then we can all hope that...

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