14 Sep 2008

One person DOES get it: its NOT a phone - its a platform

This article, (Carriers begin to believe in data revenue, as Android’s puzzle pieces come together) posted by VentureBeat, is probably THE best article I have read so far regarding Googles Android project. 

Not only does the author, Mr. Krzykowski, fully understand the economics behind Android, but he avoids doing what almost everybody else in the Tech world is doing when writing about it: compare it to the iPhone solely in terms of appearance, in terms of its 'cool looks' factor...

"Android, while sometimes compared to Apple’s iPhone software developer kit, is a lot more than that. It’s a platform that encompasses every software layer component required to create mobile operating systems and applications — and also software on other types of devices, like television set-top boxes."

People still think (mistakenly) that Android is the gPhone. Its not! Google does not want to make its own devices. Instead, it wants to free the web surfing experience of billions of people, so it can:

a) serve them as their main search engine
b) sell them relevant ads (through new, bigger cell phone screens)

The only way it can manage to do this is not through a phone, but through its Android platform...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment.
The launch is today adn a quick glance shows that many publications are touting the Googlephone launch.
Of course, most tech reporters are clueless beyond gadgets looking cool.

I dont expect any kind of technological insight from people like CNETs Natali Del Conte and others of this ilk.

"It shiny." is the best we can hope and throwing in things like OS or Linux in the mix will only confuse or scare the reporters away.

Look, Googlephone goooooood.