18 Oct 2008

Booyakacha egghead!

Henry Blodget tries... He really does... He SWEARS he does!

Lately he put everything he's got into trying to convince the "google-free" world that Google was going to miss its estimates...

"The good news: Google has a better chance of surprising on the upside this quarter than last quarter, because expectations are so low. In fact, Wall Street analysts are openly calling for a miss. With Google's stock down to $315, this could lead to a nice short-term trade.

That said, even if the company clears a low bar, any hint that the tanking global economy is starting to bite the company (and how can it not?) will likely keep a lid on the stock over the next few months. Also, Street estimates for 2009 are still too high, in our opinion, and need to come down. It's hard to see how the stock rallies sustainably in the face of that."


What "could lead to a nice short-term trade"...

...suddenly changed to "Stock popped nicely in aftermarket"

Booyakacha egghead!

Ohh, and on an end note, let me give you another example of why should NEVER listen to this idiot...

"We don't expect a sustained rally in the stock, however until revenue growth stabilizes (i.e., stops decelerating). Anyone's guess when that will be, especially with Google having no new products in the pipeline.

No new products??

TV ads?
Banner ads (Doubleclick)?

Egghead? Still with us??

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