16 Dec 2008

Only fools rush in

Most of you probably have read by now (its already 2 days old) the wsj article about Google not playing fair on the Net Neutrality front... The article was quickly put to shame by many respectable sources...

Larry Lessig: The made-up dramas of the Wall Street Journal
Save the Internet: Net Neutrality in the Front Seat
Public Knowledge
David Isenberg: Bogus WSJ Story on Net Neutrality
Wired: WSJ WTF?

..as well as Google’s Washington telecom counsel, Richard Whitt.

You know that this blog usually comments on certain people's attitude towards Google. One of them, a sworn Google-hater, is Henry Blodget who of course was the first to rush-in and launch an all-out attack on Google based on the wsj rantings...

The story usually goes like this: Henry writes a "Google-is-the-devil" post, and then I trash him... But sometimes, his own readers do my part of the story... just like today:

Jeff P said:

Henry, You obviously don't know the first thing about routers or routing protocols. Using your "definition" a company that purchases more bandwidth would not be adhering to net neutrality. Which is bunk. Without a hint of irony you call other people's ideas kneejerk when that is precisely what your entire article is. Please just admit it and don't post silly updates trying to defend your position as a matter of definitions. -Jeff
slobeck said:

This article isn't journalism. At best it's misinformed. But I suspect that this article and others like it are the result of carefully orchestrated leaks by the large ISP's designed to sway public opinion against net neutrality for the coming fight...

...The good news here is that Henry Blodget is getting PWNED on the Huffington Post. I'd do a little research on the reality of net neutrality before going off half cocked with an ignorant rant on neutrality. I'd be somewhat embarrassed if I were him.



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